Healing and Wonderment

support from the Stars: slow & steady


For the past few years I have indulged my curiosity for astrology, diving deeper into the practice of reading the sky. What I've learned is that astrology helps me get a pulse on the atmospheric energies and find my place among the stars. Astrology* is more than the study of applied terms and categorizations. It is a living science that helps provide context for our experiences. We have sayings in English like, "it's in the air today," signifying that we are aware of patterns arising among people we know. Even if we don't have the time or patience or appetite to seek potential explanations, we do notice trends within our community. 

As of late, I have been noticing a trend in myself and those around me of perspectives and events shifting from chaos to clarity as if a dust storm has begun to settle leaving crystals of truth exposed. Meanwhile, the stars seem to be supporting structure, determination, stability and growth with Saturn having entered Capricorn (December 2017) and the Earth Dog year commencing this week.

The shifts I've seen have come as insights, as if years of practice and focus are distilling into clear form. For me, this looks like conviction and confidence in pursuit of my goals, for my brother it is an understanding of his last 10 years and his next 10, while a dear friend of mine has found ease and dexterity for a guitar style he's played for the last 5 years.

As 2018 picks up speed and while beginnings are still ripe, I invite you to tune into what is in the air as if feeling the current of a river. Some questions to help you begin to grab hold of the energy:

  • where do you notice stability in your life? 
  • what back-burner endeavors might be moving to the forefront?
  • how has your focus shifted?
  • is there a theme crystallizing for your year as 2018 moves along?

Beginning to notice trends and how those among us might be echoing our experiences helps us sense larger energies at play and while no planet or transit is going to "cause" fortune or afflictions, it is helpful in assessing where the momentum is. Will that business endeavor be supported? Or is it a better time for brainstorming and collecting resources? What actions and decisions are supported by the atmospheric energies? What is in conflict?

You do not need to be an astrologer to determine where the momentum and support lies. You just need to notice yourself and those around you for a sense of what's at play.

*(If you are curious about astrology, I recommend checking out Dana Gerhardt for western. For Chinese, I have found Susan Levitt accessible and informative.)


I have a dream...

pexels-photo-new moon jan.jpeg

Happy 2018. Though a new year is upon us and many of us are eager to leave behind 2017, throwing ourselves head first into new routines, we are still in the dream space of Winter, ruled by the Water element in Chinese medicine. This is a time to sleep more and envision what you want to create come spring. To be clear: don't start your engines quite yet! Take time to dream now. More momentum and support will arrive come March and April for new projects and workout plans.

Though the New Year inspires resolutions and a feeling of freshness, we are actually in the dead of winter. A season meant for rest and relaxation, for reflection and envisioning what we will attempt when the sun begins to shine again. You might think of this time as a chance to imagine without worrying about the how's and when's that reveal themselves in response to a clear idea of what. The season invites us into these moments and if we heed the wisdom of the Earth, then we get to look forward to welcoming the spring a little smarter, a little fresher, and a little more inspired. 

Quick tips on how to align with the Water element and season of winter:

  • Begin by starting a dream journal, jotting down your dreams each morning before you get out of bed.
  • Write down your ideas for the year ahead, pay special attention to the ones that come when you are most relaxed or not trying .. the ones that come while chopping vegetables or in the shower.
  • Nourish your bones - the part of the body governed by Water - with bone broths and warm soups.
  • Self-care with bodywork, acupuncture, warm baths

A meditation: lay on your back or sit in a supported position with feet on the floor and let your attention settle on your spine. The spine is the center of your body and it is about 2-3 inches front to back starting with the cervical spine (base of skull) and getting wider until it's about 4-5 inches front to back in the lumbar spine (low back). Settle in and feel how your spine supports you. You may sit here for as little or as long as you'd like. As a beginning, a minute or two is great. When you feel complete, gently touch your arms, legs, torso and jot down any words, images or sensations that came to you. 

A writing prompt: begin a sentence with, "I have a dream ..." and write for 7 minutes without picking up your pen. Write anything that comes, even if it's nonsense. Do not allow yourself to read as you go. The purpose here is to welcome freedom of expression, to start a practice of uninhibited creation! Have fun.