writing + body speaks

I offer group writing workshops designed to inspire openness and self-expression. Through spontaneous acts of creativity and identifying what is working well in our writing, we learn from each other and ourselves in a process that fuels self-discovery, welcomes an ongoing dialogue with our environment and experiences, and helps us establish a deep connection to our own inner council.

In 2017, I started a project called Body Speaks that aims to bring body consciousness and writing together. In these workshops, I draw on my knowledge of the body and 5 Element Theory of Chinese medicine to offer prompts that invite people to write the stories in their bones and help orient themselves in space and time to be more in rhythm with the cycles around us. My hope is that participants walk away feeling more embodied.


Method & Training

Since 2013, I have written with Peggy Simmons, founder of Green Windows [a non-profit program based in Oakland] learning about how to facilitate a space that invites people's most creative selves. With Peggy's support, I was trained in the Amherst Writers and Artists (AWA) method which provides a framework for how we will work together. I am currently on staff for Green Windows, offering closed writing workshops to the houseless, 55+ population of Oakland, California, and occasionally filling in for Peggy in her monthly writing workshops, Uniquely Yours.